Packages & Memberships

Increase your revenue per member, retention, and engagement by creating memberships and packages which can also be sold online. Packages give clients a chance to engage more deeply with your services and increase the predictability of your income.



 - Include multiple services and products with different qualities

 - Designate some services as "unlimited" qty (facility access....)

 - Establish unused balance expirations

 - Set a single price for the entire package

 - Define if, when, and how long the payments will automatically repeat

 - Opt to sell the package online so clients can purchase anytime

 - Set a specific start date for the package (when completing transaction internally)

 - Select the package from your service list in the shopping cart 



1) Make sure all products and services you plan to include in the package are already set up individually

2) Go to.......PRODUCTS & SERVICES / ADD / ADD PACKAGE / Complete inputs / FINISH

3) Done. Now you can select the package in the shopping cart anytime

Pro Tip: "Share" your web page again with your social followers after you make changes like adding a package.  Follow these steps to share your page again...MY WEB PAGE / SHARE / select




An example of a service package:

Total Wellness Package - $500

(2) 30 min Personal Training Sessions

(2) 60 min Therapeutic Massage Sessions

(5) Hot Stone Therapy Treatments

Billed monthly on the 3rd

Unused sessions expire on payment date each month


An example of a membership package:

Total Yoga Membership - $350

(2) Private Yoga Sessions

(10) AM Yoga Classes

(Unlimited) Meditation Room Access


If you have any questions about how to use or set up packages, don't hesitate to contact 

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