Enable Gift Cards

It's super easy to set up, sell, and track gift cards. You can even sell them online. There's a simple way to view unredeemed cards and codes on your dashboard so you can encourage clients to schedule that first visit and help clients find lost codes instantly.


Boost your revenue and client engagement today with gift cards!


How to Sell a Gift Card:

Whenever you go to the shopping cart, GIFT CARD is an option in the services list.


To enable selling gift cards online follow these steps AFTER setting up your web page.

1) Make sure you have completed setting up MY WEB PAGE

2) Enable credit card processing located at SETTINGS / CREDIT CARD PROCESSING


When the steps above are completed....

MY WEB PAGE / Note the black bar across the top / CREDIT CARD OPTIONS / SELL GIFT CARDS ONLINE


How to redeem gift cards....

To redeem a gift card, just select the payment method GIFT CARD in the shopping cart when completing a transaction. Any balance unused from the purchase will remain in the user account and will be displayed in the shopping cart for all future purchases until consumed.



Gift card codes are only redeemed one time.



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