Intake Form Automation Via Google Forms

Send and receive intake forms built using Google Forms directly inside your Artichoke account.  Every new client added to your list can automatically receive an intake form link by email immediately when added.  Responses to the intake forms are added to "Client Notes" for that particular client so your records are always up to date.  Eliminate the churn associated with on-boarding new clients with this feature today.


 - Form link automatically sent to every new client

 - Record of send date in client notes

 - Record of completion date and all responses in client notes


Tutorial Video


What is Google Forms?

Google Forms is a FREE online form builder that's super easy to use. Create your own intake forms then copy your form link into Artichoke and you'll be able to send links to clients automatically.

Set up your first form today - Google Forms


Auto-send online form links to new clients: (Works with any form builder)

If you have built an intake form using any free form builder like Google Forms online, you can add it to your Artichoke account instantly and start sending out intake forms to new clients automatically with almost no effort.

1) Go to Google Forms (or your form builder) and select your form

2) View the desired form and copy the form URL (web address)

3) Go to Artichoke and select SETTINGS / NOTIFICATIONS

4) Enable INTAKE FORMS and copy the form URL into the space shown

5) Also note the additional choices related to sending the form automatically

 - Send to all new client automatically?

 - Send to all existing clients?

6) Save settings

The steps above actually work for any online form builder URL.  However, if you want to go a step further and receive the form response directly inside Artichoke, you'll need to use Google Forms and follow the steps below.


Set up send/receive Google Forms integration:

1) Log into or create your Google Forms account.

2) Set up or log into your free Zapier account.

3) Make sure you have at least one completed Google Form test submission completed.

4 Open the green sheet sheet icon in your Google Forms and note the name of the worksheet.



5) Inside Artichoke...go to Settings / Integrations and "Enable Zapier"

6) Copy the "API key" for later use

7) Select the Google Forms "Zap" from the list on page.

8) Follow the instructions on screen

9) When you get to the screen asking for the Form Name and Worksheet Name, see the image below for placement reference.



 Why is this awesome?

If you can set up an intake form to automatically send to your clients, track when it was sent, when it was completed, and all of the form responses in your client notes automatically, would you save time and be better prepared for each appointment?


**Keep Your Form Responses Private**

To keep your Google Forms responses private, please make sure you follow the steps 

Hi, click on the Settings icon and make sure these two boxes are unticked:

Also make sure that if you are storing the responses in a Google Sheet then make sure that file is not shared with any other users.


We hope you love it!


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