Google Calendar - View your Artichoke schedule in GCal

Display your Artichoke appointments in your Google Calendar account (GCal) so you can see all of your calendars in one place. The video and steps below explain how to set this up.

Tutorial Video

Note: Artichoke appointments can be displayed in Google Calendar only. They can not be created or managed inside Google Calendar. 


Getting started:

1) Make sure you have a Google Calendar already set up and logged in

2) Set up a free Zapier account at

3) Make sure you have at least one appointment already saved in your Artichoke account

4) In Artichoke...go to Settings / Integrations and "Enable Zapier"

5) Copy the "API key" for later use

6) Select the Google Calendar Zap from the list on the page

7) Follow the instructions on screen



- The Google Calendar Basic integration is a one-way / one-time connection and does not update if you change the appointment in Artichoke. It's purely a free convenience that allows visibility to your work schedule inside GCal.


- The Google Calendar Premium integration does display newly created appointments and updates to this appointment in GCal

- An additional GCal Premium integration allows you to make start time adjustments and cancel your appointments in GCal that will also be reflected in Artichoke.


- An appointment must be created in Artichoke first to appear in GCal.





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