Can I automatically send an intake form to my new clients?

If you have any form built online which has a unique address (URL) then it's super easy to add it to your Artichoke account.  Once added, you can set the form to send automatically to new clients or manually as you see the need.

If you don't have a web form with its own address (URL) but want to begin sending intake forms, check out Google Forms. It's fast, easy, FREE and totally customizable! Here is a quick link 

Now, let's get your Intake form set up for new appointments.

In your Artichoke Dashboard, go to Settings, Notifications, What Your Client's Receive.

You will see a list of various pieces of communication (Appointments, Payments, Refunds, etc..) with their Toggle set to Green.

For the Intake Form, click the toggle from Orange to Green. This will activate the Form URL section. Paste your URL in the newly available field.

You'll also now be able to Toggle to green Send automatically to new clients or Send to all previously added clients in the database now.  ** please note that if you want to send to a large database you may want to upload the client list prior to clicking and saving this step.

After this step, scroll up or down and click save. You will see the save button turn Green with a checkmark once saved properly.

Once saved any new client who books an appointment will receive an email with this custom URL to be filled out.

In your client notes section of the dashboard, you will see an entry notifying you that the Intake Form was sent. 


If you want to take this a step further, Artichoke has the ability input, from Google Forms, the information your client filled out in your Intake form and load it into that particular client notes section. 

Interested? Check out our Zapier integration in settings. Dashboard-- Settings-- Integrations-- Zapier Toggle to green.  Learn More About Google Forms Integration 




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    So I've done the above what does it mean that I need a spreadsheet for for response in Zapier??

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