Sync with Email Marketing Platforms Like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Vertical Response

Automatically add new clients in Artichoke to a mailing list of your choice on your email marketing platforms such as MailChimp or Constant Contact so your email marketing newsletters and other campaigns are always up to date.

Tutorial Video:


Getting started:

1) Log into your email marketing platform (MailChimp, Constant Constant, Vertical Response)

2) Set up or log into your free Zapier account at 

3) Make sure you have at least one client recently saved in your Artichoke account

4) Inside Artichoke...go to Settings / Integrations and "Enable Zapier"

5) Copy the "API key" for later use

6) Select the correct "Zap" from the list on the page (Example: Mailchimp)

7) Follow the instructions on screen



If your client list is always in sync with your email marketing platform you can....

 - set up an automated email campaign that is triggered each time a new client is added.  New client campaigns can go a long way towards making sure you engage clients early and that they are aware of all the additional service you offer over time.  Remember, increasing the lifetime value of an existing customer is always more profitable than finding a new customer.

 - set up newsletters campaigns 

 - promote special offers and drive new business

 The possibilities are really limited only by your imagination.


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