Year end income tax summary

Say goodbye to tax time stress.

If you use Artichoke to track your income and expenses, tax time will go from a stressful mess to pure bliss. At the end of each year, you'll receive and email with a summary of your income, expenses, and the bottom line.  This email will also contain a list of your expenses by category which matches Part 2 of Schedule C on the tax return.

Said in normal human terms..... This email is all that you or your tax advisor needs to complete the tax return.

  • No complicated downloads
  • No shoe box full of receipts
  • No need to gather up all your data from apps, accounting software, and your handy dandy notebook

Just an email with everything you need.

Check this out.



 To make sure this feature is enabled:




3) Turn on "Income Tax Update"


Don't believe the hype. Tax time can be easy if you don't overcomplicate it.  Keep your business up to date, on the fly, with Artichoke from any device and you'll never look back.


 Quick Tip: There is also an estimated quarterly income tax payment calculator on the Dashboard under the Income Section.  


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