The Benefits of Integrated Payment Processing

Our founders and development team have heard the same message over and over from practitioners and solopreneurs. "We want everything in one place, all-in-one."

One of the biggest pain points shared along the journey was a headache associated with having to track things in multiple places. Attendance in the calendar, credit card payments with a 3rd party app, and client notes somewhere else, yet again. Since time is money, and the money is hard to earn, we developed a series of solutions that will save you time and frustration.

Typically the first question revolves around processing fees for credit card transactions but that's only a small part of the bigger picture.

Artichoke chose Stripe as a payment processing partner for several reasons

1) The fees are fixed, regardless of card type, awards programs, and volume.

This was a big deal because other merchant accounts could have literally over 100 different rates depending on the card type, bonus programs.....the list goes on. We wanted our users to have a steady, predictable rate that would stay the same for every transaction.


2) The ability to store client billing data in your client profile (PCI compliant)

At first, the world was crazy about mobile swipers but now that the added headache of additional hardware has set in, the world is moving towards hardware free solutions. With Artichoke, you can store client billing info and process future payments without a card, swiper, or awkwardly asking for payment.


3) Recurring payments

With Artichoke it's easy to set up recurring payments for clients so you can spend less time playing bill collector, set up recurring membership options, or just keep clients on a payment interval that matches their appointment schedule. It's so easy.


4) Simple all-in-one workflow to log attendance, adjust balance, and process payment

When you check a client into an appointment, the seamless process takes care of everything very easily so you can get back to work.


Fretting over processing fees?

below are several things to consider in the big picture if you're comparing a rate of 2.9% to a rate of 2.75%.

The full integration that Artichoke has with Stripe enables you to tie appointments, check-ins, balances, reminders, and payments all into one simple or flow. If you make $50/hour and are able to convert one hour of wasteful admin to a billable hour or experience one less no who due to reminders and follow-ups, the difference in processing fees becomes a mute point. Example: Either one less no show or one less admin hour = $50 in your pocket. (In theory)

The difference in processing fees on $20,000 in one month would be a grand total of $50. If your normal month is more like $5000, the difference is about $12.50 vs the $50 or more we think you'll save or earn.

Just to put more context around this issue in real dollars.

Income and fees

$1,000 = $2.50
$2,000 = $5.00
$3,000 = $7.50
$4,000 = $10.00

So one less no show , one less admin hour, or just the fact that Artichoke is only $25/mo vs other apps that run $49 and up, you are still way ahead in terms of the true cost and impact on income.

So all in all, it comes down to how much you value your time. It's worth more than you think in both dollars and peace of mind.




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