Appointments and "CHECK IN"

 Artichoke has been deigned so that the process of checking a client into an appointment also includes payment, attendance, and balance tracking.  Its so easy.

 This video walks through the basics of all three.

It's so easy, you're going to love it.


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When selecting an appointment from your calendar, you are prompted to "check in." This triggers a simple workflow which logs attendance and collects payment. Depending on the circumstances for each client. Artichoke will offer you the ability to....

1) Charge card on file (if applicable, this skips the shopping cart)
2) Apply a session balance (If applicable) (i.e. client purchased 10 in advance)
3) Collect payment (go to shopping cart and record cash/check/gift card/credit card payment types)
4) Collect later (This step still logs attendance but adds the balance to the client account for future collection)

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