Missing time slots. Why are time slots not showing? Setting work hours.

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If you are trying to book a time slot which you know is available but does not show up in your list, there is one of two reasons:


1) Your work hours for the selected location do not include that time slot and need to be adjusted. (See below)


2) The service you are trying to book does not fit in the time slot available. (Trying to book a 90 min service in a 45 min time slot)


If you attempt to book a day with no work hours, you'll see this message:

If you select the "Learn Why" link you'll see:

Selecting the "work hours" link will take you to this location



Under the location you're trying to book, select "REQUIRED SETTINGS"


In "Required Settings" add your work hours. 

NOTE: You can have multiple work hours for a single day. (Mon 9-11:30 & Mon 2-4pm)



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