Enable location types and associate services with locations.

How to associates your services with your locations for online booking.

You can enable any of these three different types of service locations for your clients to book online:

My Location(s): Your service address where clients come to you.

Client's Location: You go to the client at their location.

Remotely: You offer services online, over the phone....etc

Although this is covered during your set up, you may need to enable them in settings if you want to change them later.


If you've already set up online booking....
MY WEB PAGE > Edit > HOURS & LOCATIONS > (Disable as needed)
Please see the attached screen shot for this instruction.


If you have NOT set up online booking yet......Go to MY WEB PAGE and follow set up instructions.



How to associate services with locations:
Each of your services needs to be associated with the locations where they are offered.

PRODUCTS & SERVICES > Select one of your services > EDIT > Make sure "Book Online" is enabled and that you select the applicable location types.  
See the screen shot below for steps.

Once the product / service has been select and you are in "Edit" mode, you'll see the option to include or exclude this product or service from locations.  you'll also see the ability to allow this product to be booked online.


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