Slot Blockers: Temporarily blocking timeslots in your schedule

Slot blockers are a great way to hide portions of any day without having to make a change to your working hours in settings.  



if your work hours are set for Tuesdays between 9am and 3pm and you have a doctors appointment coming up this Tuesday, just add a slot blocker for that specific day and time.  Your Tuesday work hours will stay as they are for all other Tuesdays but you'll prevent clients from booking online for next Tuesday when you need to go to the doctor.  


If you want to block time slots in your schedule so that they are not visible to clients for online booking, just follow these steps:



3) Select "ADD ...."

4) SELECT "Slot Blocker" 


5) Make selections then SAVE



You can set up a slot blocker to repeat.  This might be handy if you have a commitment  every Tuesday for the next three weeks but want to leave your Tuesday work hours as they are for all other Tuesdays.


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