Google Forms Integration Stopped Working

Google Form submissions not showing in clients notes. 

If you've previously set up the integration in Zapier for Google Forms, had it working properly so that submissions were hitting client notes, and it suddenly stopped working, consider these possible causes.  The good news is that once these issues are fixed, all previously missing forms will hit your Artichoke client notes.

Keep in mind that Google Forms records submissions in Google Sheets so the info below is relevant.

Common Causes:

1) Spaces between submission rows in Google Sheet

"There were spaces between the submissions in the Google sheet where they are captured. I deleted the empty spaces and all 36 intake forms have been added into artichoke."


2) Missing column headings

All column headings should be labeled automatically for name, email.....If one is accidentally deleted, the form integration may not work properly.


More from Zapier on Google Forms, which captures info in Google Sheets.....


Common Problems with Google Sheets on Zapier

My Google Sheets Trigger Zap stopped working!

If you're using Google Spreadsheets for the Trigger side of a Zap and it suddenly stopped working, verify that you didn't accidentally insert a blank row anywhere. Zapier interprets a blank row as the end of the spreadsheet.

In addition to this, the following changes to your spreadsheet whilst your Zap is turned on can cause a disconnect with your Zap:

  • Deleting existing rows or columns
  • Resorting the sheet

If you need to make any of those types of changes to your Google Sheet, you will need to turn your Zap off while you make the change, and then turn it back on again after.


Renaming Columns or Suddenly Missing Fields

We highly recommend not renaming columns in your spreadsheet after you set it up to work with Zapier once. If you do this we may not be able to match what you had previously done with what your spreadsheet is currently doing! A common symptom of this ailment is when fields suddenly go missing or become empty in Zapier! To resolve this issue, please turn your Zap off from your Dashboard and remap the action in your Zap. Then turn the Zap back on to get back on track.


Extra Triggers from Adding New Columns for Updated Row/Rows trigger too soon

“Updated Row” trigger

If you’re using the “Updated Row” trigger and choose “Any column” to monitor, any change to the row including adding a new row will trigger your Zap. The best time to use this trigger is when you want to look for changes on a specific column in a spreadsheet. For example, triggering when an email address is added so we can add the contact to a mailing list.


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