Google Forms Templates

Interested in using a Google form template you know others have created before you to save time?  It's really easy to create form templates and share them with the community.


Below are a few links you can use for your Artichoke account when integrating with Google Forms.

Just log into your Google account and click on the form link below to copy it to your account.


Massage Intake Form TEMPLATE.

Note, this template can be edited for your business once it is copied to your account following the steps below:

Steps to copy this template to your account (CRITICAL)

1) Log into your Google account
2) click on one of the form template links below 
General Intake Form:

3) Select "copy it to your account" when prompted

Once you have copied this form to your account, you'll need to add it to Artichoke...
1) Select "SEND" in upper right section of form
2) Copy form link
3) Paste into your Artichoke account at the location below


Once complete, all new clients will automatically receive the form link by email when they are added to the database,


How to create and share your own Google Form Template (ADVANCED)

This is only needed if you want to create form templates and share them with other Artichoke users.

1) Create your form

2) Select "add-ons" from the drop down menu 

3) Search the add-ons marketplace for free add-on "Form Template Creator."

4) Install add-on

5) Select puzzle piece icon on top of page for "add-on" and select Form Template Creator"

6) Follow instructions, especially the part about setting visibility to "Anyone with a link"

7) Update

8) Copy URL and share in our community forum


Attached are a few images to help out.


Select add-ons in menu




Search for "Form Template Creator" and install




Once form is complete, select puzzle icon to share form. (Select visibility "Anyone with a link")




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