Credit Card Processing Fees

There are some things to consider when you evaluate the difference in processing fees in context.

The full integration that Artichoke has with Stripe enables you to tie appointments, check-ins, balances, reminders, and payments all into one simple work flow. If you make $50/hour and are able to convert one hour of wasteful admin to a billable hour or experience one less no who due to reminders and follow-ups, the difference in processing fees becomes a moot point. Example: Either one less no show or one less admin hour = $50 in your pocket. (In theory)

The difference in processing fees on $20,000 in one month would be a grand total of $50. If your normal month is more like $5000, the difference is about $12.50 vs the $50 or more we think you'll save or earn.

Just to put more context around this issue in real dollars.

Income Difference in fees
$1,000 $2.50
$2,000 $5.00
$3,000 $7.50
$4,000 $10.00

So one less no show, one less admin hour, or just the fact that Artichoke is only $25/mo vs other apps that run $49 and up, you are still way ahead in terms of the true cost and impact on income.

Artichoke Credit Card Fees:  2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction

Please feel free to contact us for more information about how Artichoke helps you earn more and work less.


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