Set Up Add-on Services

Add-on services are a powerful tool to create more revenue per client.  Using these tools you can increase client satisfaction and dramatically improve total income at the same time. What's not to love?

The video below explains how to enable services as add-on services so that they can be added to other services in a single appointment.

If you choose to make them available online, your clients can self-select these add-on services so that the appointment times will reflect any necessary changes in the duration of the new combination of services.

Don't wait to tap into this powerful new revenue boosting feature today.

The basic set up steps are below in text and video.

1) Products & Service

2) Select service to enable as add-on

3) Edit

4) Scroll until you see "Add-on Service?" and enable this feature

5) Select service to which this service can be added from the list

6) Adjust duration and price as needed

7) Save


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