Recurring Session or Class Scheduling

It’s now possible to schedule recurring programs in Artichoke such as classes, courses, or regularly scheduled events which your clients can book online.

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You just set the times and maximum group size, and your clients will be able to book (until the maximum number of spots has been reached).

This is the easiest way to book scheduled group appointments online.

Once you spend 10 minutes setting up for booking page, you can start adding scheduled classes, programs, and other events.

When clients select the program from your list of services, Artichoke automatically generates a list of the next few dates which have spots available.

That means no more clicking around different dates to find an open spot or going back and forth with phone calls, emails, and text messages to get everything coordinated for multiple clients in every session. This feature is going to save you time and help you get your life back!


Here’s how it works:

  1. First you need to make sure you have published “MY WEB PAGE.”
  2. Make sure the service you want to schedule is in your services list with “Book Online” enabled and “max participants” set as needed.
  3. Go to Appointments
    1. Add “Schedule”
    2. Complete form and Save
  4. That’s it. Clients can now book your scheduled events online so you can breathe.

This big step in making your life easier couldn’t have been possible without you.

We’re always listening to our customers’ amazing feedback, which is exactly how this feature was born.

A huge thanks to the Artichoke community for your continued support, feedback, and business!

Set Up Scheduled Events - Clients Book Online from Artichoke on Vimeo

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